Sunday, September 25, 2005

62 bags

Thats how many bags of cement we poured this weekend.

Our side yard has been dirt & gravel as long as we've owned the house, and I didn't want to go through winter having that mud pit, so we decided to pave it.

We're paving the full side yard where the trashcans are, and a 4' walkway down to the back yard. That leaves about 3.5' on one side for an herb and annual garden, and about 3' on the other for neighbor-blocking plants :)

The area we paved was about 95 square feet. We had to rent a mixer from Home Depot to make it go faster. We poured a 4'x4' section last weekend and mixed it by hand, and that was too much work.

Now for a quick weekend rundown, since I need to go to bed!

Friday PM:
* Pick up magnolia and plum tree from nursery
* Drop them off at home, go to Home Depot for 24 bags of concrete mix to go with the 4 left over from the last pour.
* Pick up concrete mixer and bull float from Home Depot Rentals.

Saturday AM:
* plant magnolia in front yard, and plum in back yard.
* Dig down 5 inches for most of the 95 square feet we paved. It used to be gravel and bark.

Saturday PM:
* Pave one 5' by 6' section (25 bags)
* Go to Home Depot, pick up 30 more bags of concrete (the most my truck will carry).

Sunday AM:
* Go to home depot and buy 12 more bags of concrete.
* Pave another 5'x6' section (25 bags)

Take a nap through lunch and wait for the conrete to dry a bit

Sunday PM:
* Pave the last 4'x6' section, around the air conditioner (12 bags).
* Return rental equipment.
* Eat pizza, post this story, and go to sleep.

And for those keeping count, I have 8 bags of concrete mix left, for the rest of the walkway. I figure its about another 100 square feet or so.

I need to get more mix.

Our mark:

The Magnolia:

Sunday Morning View #1

Sunday Afternoon View #1

Sunday Morning View #2

Sunday Afternoon View #2

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Anonymous said...

What a job you two took on. I admire your youth, and your stamina. Man oh man, I wish I could do that work. You'll love it without the mud pits of La Brea. Or was that Tar Pits? The doggos will love it too. Enjoy. Your house with trees looks so nice. Very nice curb appeal.