Sunday, November 6, 2005

Halloween Pics!

Andrew and I have been so busy running around town for the last couple of weeks that we haven't had time to update you on our home projects or current happenings. Here are pictures from Halloween. I still need to put up pictures of our new walkway on the side of our house, but Andrew hasn't taken any pictures of the finished product. He even had last week off!

I am now a Master Teacher at a local home preschool in Discovery Bay. I love teaching 8-9 youngsters about the world. Guiding "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear" has been the biggest hit so far. I made Healthy Halloween treats for the kids to eat at snacktime on Halloween. They were made out of fig newtons, pretzels for hair, and raisins for eyes. They loved them.

Andrew and I dressed up as dodgeball players for a Halloween party the Saturday before Halloween. The dodgeball player idea was Andrew's (NOT MINE) so I had to put a political spin on it to make it somewhat mine. Since I am not a big fan of dodgeball or Bush's "No Child Left Behind," I decided to combine the two. We were team "Some Children Left Behind" sponsored by Halliburton and Chevron gasoline.

Next on my list was the first annual Discovery Bay Downtown Trick or Treat Night. I took my "Little" from Big Bros/Big Sis's to enjoy the candy, haunted house, and pizza parlor. I was brave enough to go through the haunted house with her, but I got so scared at the end of it (I absolutely hate people jumping out at me) that I ended up screaming so loud, throwing my popcorn up into the air, and pushing Ty'Tiana out of the haunted house. I really shoved her a good 20 feet. Andrew went along with us to take pictures of the event and was nice enough to take her back through without any shoving. She thought it was hilarious. She was even nice enough to offer me the rest of her popcorn because she felt bad that I spilled mine.

Finally Halloween came and we carved our pumpkins and handed out candy. Andrew thought I was kind of geeky for handing out raisins to the little kids, but one girl got so excited she took the box of raisins and turned to her mom screaming, "Look Mommy, I got raisins." Aden is such a good influence on me.




P.S. There was a Daddy pumpkin (Andrew's), my skeleton pumpkin, and two little pumpkins for Teenie and LuLu.

Hope you all had a great October. I love this time of year and can't wait for the next holiday.


Anonymous said...

Cool costumes. Great story! Did you have a lot of kids for trick or treating nite?

Anonymous said...

We had about 40 kids come to our house. The neighbors said it was a slow Halloween. The weather was perfect so I don't know why more kids weren't out.

Anonymous said... two looked so original. And the dogs did, too. We didn't dress up, but did have some kids come. It is the best season in the year; I agree. Miss you two (actually you 4!). Hope to see you soon.