Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Our Pre-Anniversary Weekend

Andrew and I decided to celebrate our two year anniversary over the Labor Day weekend. First, we drove through Napa and stopped at Healdsburg to browse the cute shops around town. We hit the Farmer's market first though!!!




After being a little to chi chi for our tastes, we got back on the road and headed towards Ukiah. We were fortunate enough to see a truck like this on the highway:


We then arrived at our destination. We chose Ukiah because Vichy Hot Springs is located a couple of miles NW of town. We had a great time walking around Ukiah's downtown. I loved the fact that most of the food is organically grown. We ate great food and yummy treats.



We spent all day Sunday at Vichy Hot Springs. It was sooooo relaxing and less naked-hippy than Harbin Hot Springs (our first anniversary trip). We went in the mineral pool baths, the hot mineral pool, and played around in the big, cool pool. After soaking for hours, we went on an hour hike to a beautiful waterfall on the property. There were frogs, newts, banana slugs, and bones to keep us interested on our hike. Here are some captured moments:







By the way, my Mom sees the Virgin Mary in this picture! I see a Jamiacan man!

On Monday, we drove over to Bodega Bay to enjoy some surf.


Happy Anniversary Andrew (technically tomorrow). You are the best husband a girl could ever want or have!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you too, Shannon!

I had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary from David & Ellen

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary - and hope to see you soon - with Teenie and Lulu! My mom says great pictures too - wonderful composition. Love and lots of kisses - Samson

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, you two love birdies! Your trip sounded so fun. We drove through Ukiah once, and loved it. Whose bones are those? Hikers who never made it back? :))))) The hot and cold springs sounded so relaxing. What a great second anniversary to have. We hope your have many, many more.
Paula, Paul and Corky