Friday, May 30, 2014


North Beach Elementary held its annual Walk-A-Jog-A-Move-A-Thon.
I volunteered to buy all the concessions from Costco yesterday and boy did people judge me.  So what if my cart had 9 tubs of licorice, 250 chip bags, 250 fruit snacks, and 8 cases of vitamin water (plus two kids in the front of the basket).

Here are the mommy volunteers setting up:

My kids stretching it out:

Blake moving his body:

I helped man the water station:

Blake all done for the day.

Reade joined his brother for the last few laps.  When two minutes were left, I put Piper in my arms and ran beside them.  Reade fell and reopened a scab on his knee so we were covered in blood by the end of it.  He cried all the way to the car because he was bummed he didn't do the complete last lap.  I cleaned him up once we got home and now he is out like a light on the couch.  
Exercise + Blood = Fun.

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