Thursday, May 15, 2014

Slow and Meaningful

I am a huge fan of Montessori principles.  Here is a fun video if you want to know what Reade's day is structured like.  They call each activity "work" and really grows a child in fabulous ways.  It was kind of hard to get through the picture/video format, but worth it for the feeling.

Andrew finally got home last night from his business trip back to the Bay Area.  Yup, I was heading up this norovirus household all by myself.  Andrew was the real angel though because I requested he take the day off from work so I could finally take the time to help myself heal.  He did just that and I stayed in bed all day.  For some reason I couldn't sleep, but just resting quietly has made me feel a bit better.  What I loved the most was the interactions I had with my kids in a quiet bed.  I don't wish illness on anyone, but it was almost more special than those screen-free days.  Day-in-bed day.  The only hang up is you need someone else watching your kids!!!

Around my house (only one person has proper sheets on their bed):

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