Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Am My Kid's Mom

Oh, that title makes me miss listening to Dr. Laura.  I will have to try to find her again.  That and Howard Stern.

Today was kind of like any other day, and I liked that.  My time will come when I can whisk away and sleep in on my own in some hotel room in some other location.  Three young kids and a traveling husband are wonderful enough for me right now.

Reade made this wax bowl for me at preschool.  We got to plant a pea plant together also:

Blake attached Reade's note onto his gift from school:

This is my first clay creation from school.  Blake is a "North Beach Seal Who Models Excellence" so his class made seals in art class for their mommies.  Blake said he decorated his in Christmas colors for me with a pattern.  I am excited that I get to bust this beauty out every Christmas.  Go Seals!

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