Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cruise with Santa

We won't be in Sacramento this year for Breakfast with Santa so I signed us up for an Argosy Brunch with Santa cruise.  

Heading toward the ship.

Blake was lucky a friend wanted to go too.

They put on a little production.  I wouldn't have posted this picture,
but look at the baby on the woman's lap in the front of the picture!!!

Super campy.

Blake turned in his Christmas list to the right guy.

He had to go back and tell Santa that he was
turning in Piper's too.

This is as close as Reade was going to get to Santa.

They have a sailboat pond in the terminal park.  

Blake and Reade were monkeying around on the ship
right before getting off and Reade clipped the corner
of one of the seats.  Nothing like a little blood on the
head after seeing Santa.

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