Wednesday, November 6, 2013

53 Degrees

 Our top temperature today was 53 degrees (quoting my car that one time I looked up at my rear view mirror).  Perfect weather if you ask me.  The best part was that I noticed snow on the Olympic mountain range on my drive back from picking up Reade at preschool.  I love that the days are a beautiful shade of light blue.  Some say it is gray, but to me it is the most stunning light blue I have ever seen.  

Blake plays on the school playground after school and today I encouraged him to head towards home so I could drive down to the beach and get a closer picture of the Olympics.  The rain clouds joined in on the fun do I didn't get a crisp picture of them.  This California girl can't stop ohh'ing and ahh'ing over little blips of snow that she sees!  

I guess the trees are feeling the weather because the fall colors are slowly starting to vanish and become heaps of leaves on the ground.

I took this sunset picture a couple of weeks ago.  Same place, different time.  It wowed me.

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