Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reade is Three

The middle one turned three today.  He steals my heart a little bit more every day that passes.  It blows me away that he can be so painfully shy at times, while having a complete understanding about who and what is around him.  Usually, kids hide behind a mother's leg, but Reade will stand tall in his surroundings just hoping that everyone will pass so he can get back to what he was doing in that space. He finds the world amusing and has a happy disposition.  The way he runs cracks me up because he adds a little hop in there because he finds it so fun to move his body so wildly.  Things he likes to do include: throwing things, talking/screaming at such a loud volume his head must reverberate, play and create fireman situations, read, stack things and organize things into lines or creative scenes, and ask for a cup of milk and a cup of water at the same time.  His skinny legs and tiny bottom and ears pull at all of my DNA to protect this kid so I can make sure I get to see what kind of things he will do in all of his future days.  Play on Readey Peadey.

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!