Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Memories

Our neighbors invited us to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  We met tons of neighbors and everyone was really nice.  Who knew there were that many young kids tucked away in all these homes?  Andrew knows how to pick a neighborhood.  It is amazing that the views get even better from the homes a couple of streets down from us.  They are the people to know!  Oh, and word on the street is that we have to pay $250/month for kindergarten because it makes up for what the state can't pay.  There is also fundraising right now to attempt to pay for laptops for the teachers.  Guess we're not in Palo Alto anymore!  My friend Stephanie knit Piper's bunny booties.  Sooooo fun to wear on Easter.


gloria scott said...

That pic of Andy and Piper is Priceless!

Steph said...

The booties look great on her :) I'm glad they still fit!