Saturday, January 5, 2013

Month Five/Six - Piper

At five/six months I:
* Am forgiving of my mom for having to combine two months together
* Roll around to get places (flump, flump, flump)
* Chew on everything
* Choke a lot
* Remind my mom that her house is full of dangerous things everywhere
* Can sit on my own if someone puts me like that, though I would fall over if no one was around
* Almost need a certain amount of wild, brotherly attention per day
* Have a 1/4 inch of hair fuzz all over my head
* Started eating solid food: beef bone broth soup, sweet potato, chicken stock, rice mush, bananas
* Like to look up to the ceiling, squint my eyes, and make funny noises because people laugh at me
* Enjoy being read to
* Have such a sweet disposition
* Cry like my brothers did when anyone besides my mom holds me
* Have blonde hair that can look brown or reddish at times
* Went back to waking up a few times a night instead of just one
* Love to watch TV whenever there is one around
* Have scrumptious baby fat legs and the cutest, little belly button and tummy
* Need baths more often then my brothers did (aka, good at diaper blow outs)

My four month photo.

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