Friday, November 30, 2012

Month Four - Piper

At four months I:
* Don't have any teeth.  The doctor said it was just a cyst on my gums
* Talk all the time
* Do this thing where I try to talk, but just blow air
* Roll over as a way of moving around the room
* Stare, with huge eyes, at people who are eating
* Eat all the time, making my mom eat all the time so we are both getting fatter
* Actually enjoy both of my brother's loud attention
* Love to watch music videos
* Enjoy it when people sing
* Pull my mom's hair
* Take shorter naps, but sleep during the night
* Still have no hair.  I have two, long, wispy strands of hair my mom adores on the
   top of my head
* Am in the 85% for height and weight
* Am super loved by my family

My three month photo.

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