Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I usually stay away from Andrew's hippy-dippy farming magazines, but February's cover of Mother Earth News said "Artisan Home Distilling How-To." This peaked my interest and now I have thoughts of sugar plums running through my head, minus the sugar part.

 ::note I am already using still-ing jokes::

I am not the biggest brandy wine drinker (have I ever had it?), but the process just seems so darn cool to me.  I have visions of Al-Ambiqs on old lady's stoves bubbling away like a mad scientists' lab.  Who knows if it even makes noise?  An expensive hobby to start, but it is in the back of my brain for when I decided I have no kids to buy clothes/diapers/food for and have tons of time on my hands.

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Unknown said...

If you do decide to start distilling I volunteer to help come up with some cocktail recipes. I'm a hard worker and put in long hours. Think about it.