Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st

'Tis the day after Halloween. I had to give my kids some carmel corn after eating eggs this morning to help them off their sugar craze. I am not worried about the sugar in their bloodstream, but they definitely had a mental addiction. Every Halloween decoration around the house reminds them that yes, Halloween is a sweet event!

The party began...

Our bellies were full so off to Trick-or-Treat.
I was a poll worker and Andrew had a
polling booth attached to his back.  

The polling booth.
My skeleton and astronaut.
Piper the Sandpiper.


Reade and Taliesin pooped out, but were happy riding
along, playing with their candy, and staring at each other.
Way past their bedtime!

I told the kids to line up at the gate for a picture.  Just as they
did so, a huge dog jumped up and started barking.
Another round of scared tears.  Oops.

Some were crazed by candy and some simply
said, "Mom, we have to go home.  It is 9 o'clock."

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