Sunday, July 15, 2012


I refuse to wear maternity clothes ever again!  Three children worth of the same clothes can get real old, real fast.  Andrew took the boys to see the movie Brave while I spent the two hours pushing a sleeping Piper through store after store in hopes of finding clothes that fit now and squeeze all that body fat back into the places where it started (oh, and tops had to be nursing friendly, hence why no tops made it  into my shopping bag!).  Anyways, it felt good to try on fun clothing.  It felt good to pretend I have taste.

These kinds of tops were everywhere, but unfortunately they aren't made for a nursing mommy.

I bought these jeggings at H&M.  Yes, jeggings are so last year, but I am going to  eek out one more season.

These were at H&M and I really should have bought them.  Maybe I will order them online to  add to the jegging look.

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