Monday, October 4, 2010

Century Ride

Andrew completed his first century bike ride. It was the Grizzly Century in North Fork (about 30 minutes from his parent's house). He rode 100 miles over a 10,000 foot elevation gain. It took him eight hours to complete and he was tired and a bit light headed at the end. Good job Andrew! You can see a map of the ride here.

He took these pictures:

About 1500' up the first climb.

Sunrise over the hill.


Andrew paired up with the guy in the front. He said it was nice to have someone roughly the same skill level riding with him to keep him motivated. A bee stung the guy on the thigh 20 miles in so he had to ride in pain while his thigh cramped up for the last 70 miles:

At Mile high lookout, time for a rest stop after another 50' or so more vertical feet.

The last bit up to the Mile High Lookout:

The view of Mammoth Pools from Mile High Lookout. This view is well worth the 27 mile bike ride to get there.

A close up on the domes in the distance. Our route took us up to the left of them to add some elevation and distance. We ended up descending most of the way to the water, then back up behind and above the rocks, then back down to the water, then across the hills back towards Bass Lake.

More Mammoth Pools shots.

Refueling at the rest stop:

Lunch at 9:30am is good when you've been up since 5:30am.

Andrew ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of California rolls:

Notice there are no photos from the first rest stop to the summit. It got a lot harder, the elevation makes your legs burn way more than doing this at sea level. This photo was taken at the highest point of the ride. Just after this photo, I got another rest stop, and then the next 12 miles was a 4500' descent at about 30mph. Way fun.

Another great accomplishment and adventure. He isn't quite sure if he will attempt this exact race again anytime soon.

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sls said...

This is an amazing accomplishment! Riding 100 miles on flat roads is hard enough.