Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sierra Art Trails got overshadowed in blog land by Andrew's century ride. This year was calm and rainy. Ellen was the hostess with the mostess (wow there is a blog for that) and Sandy cooked up quite a feast. She made the best brownies which resulted in an extra two pounds for me. Now for some art.

Blake as live, constantly moving art:

Chris Sorenson working his welding magic:

A Chris Sorenson pumpkin:

Chris took Nick under his wing at a wee age (2006):

Now we have a teenager let loose with an open flame:

Martin Nunez Photography (and here) was there to wow us with his great photography:

David Caris showcased his ceramics:

It was a weekend packed full of family, friends, art, hard work, and love. Try to top that!

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