Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reade (Four Months)

At 4 Months I:
* Can grasp objects and play with them
* Roll over from my tummy to my back
* Laugh in a funny way (kind of a cackle while choking a bit)
* Have a fungal infection under my chin and and in my armpits due to warm weather and my fat rolls
* Am entertained by my brother
* Can whip my head around whenever I hear cartoons on a TV
* Sleep in 6 hour chunks for two weeks and then go back to getting
up every two hours to keep my mom on her toes
* Want to eat solid foods and if I stare long enough at my mom's plate, I
just might get some
* Have the roundest, yet flattest head
* Have tried drinking water from a cup twice now
* Found my feet
* Chew on my hands like teeth are coming any day now, but my mom is in no hurry
* Nurse a lot on some days and then hardly eat on others
* Still have red hair
* Am a happy baby

Check out my Three Month photo.

1 comment:

gloria scott said...

He does not look like Andy so that suggests he
looks like your side. Most adorable, miss seeing
all of you.