Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Skyla

We celebrated our friend Skyla's birthday yesterday. Our original plan was to have a picnic party outside of the Gilroy skatepark, but because it was 100 degrees we decided to head to the pool. Plan B was to meet at the Morgan Hill Aquatic Center. That was closed for the season so we went with Plan C and chose the Morgan Hill Centennial Recreation Center as our party spot. All was finally well.

We arrived early so Andrew and Blake jumped in the pool. About three minutes after this picture was taken, the lifeguards closed the pool. Someone had pooped in the pool for the second time that day. They used the net and plastic bags right where Andrew and Blake had been so maybe the guilty party was one of those children in the background?

Ignorance is bliss:

We headed back to Skyla and Casey's to have a more sanitary party of our own:

Here is Reade trying out a Bumbo seat and enjoying the air conditioning:

Cake Time:

We hung out outside for the end of the party while the kids monkeyed around. I can't believe that we started hanging out with this group when Skyla was pregnant with Aiden. We went from a group of six to a group of 12. It seems like it happened in the blink of an eye and it is so good to finally be back to hanging out in a group. All these children have left us kind of busy so finding time to all be in the same place at once is a miracle. I hope it gets to happen more often.

Goofy kids:

Happy Day After Your Birthday Skyla!

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Danika said...

Thanks for the photo fun :) I'm totally crying/laughing in that last photo - super sweet. Fun to have a group photo of the whole gang though.