Monday, April 6, 2009

Beach Season Has Begun

Andrew and his friend Casey went surfing this weekend at Waddell Creek. This was a new beach for all of us and it turned out to be a nice spot. Blake loved being in the water and there were tons of starfish. I wasn't brave enough to touch one though (I don't do sea creatures). Here is Blake before I put dry clothes on him.

When I was packing up our stuff to leave I looked over at Blake and found him in this position. He stayed like that for almost five minutes. He was pooped. Check out Aiden's sandy feet in the background. Andrew caught a few waves, but said it was so cold that his body would creak when he would stand up for a ride.

I love the amount of sand left on a child's body when you get home from the beach. I also love how Blake's head still smells like sunblock even after a bath and a good night's sleep.

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