Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blake Turned 1 Yesterday

Yesterday, my little squid had his first birthday party. He loved it and even skipped his second nap so he could keep partying. It was a Hurst Hoedown with ponies (albeit stuffed), cowboy boots, and hay bales. It was great to reminisce about his grand arrival a year ago, but eating cake is much more fun than the throws of labor. He is my favorite little guy and I have enjoyed a whole year of sweet, baby bliss.

The horse corner:

Blake with Grandpa Tom:

Cousin Mia, Kyle and Aden (who I nannied for) and Blake enjoying sidewalk chalk:

Chanler, Jocelyn (note her adorable cowboy boots), and Jessaleigh:

His birthday cake (white cake with chocolate chips inside):

His first bite of birthday cake:

Loving it! He put his head down and looked sad when we sang him Happy Birthday, but he didn't cry:

Opening presents. All the kids helped out (Blake is in there somewhere):

We had such a great celebration with family and friends. It is truly a blessing to bring a child into this world with such supporting and loving people around. I can't believe we are now parents of a one year old and I can only imagine it all gets better from here on out. Now onto another year of learning life's important lessons that help us try to figure out this mysterious world. Explore on little squid.

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Hurstmom's Blog said...

It was the best of parties, I especially loved watching Blake eat his cake!