Thursday, April 9, 2009

T-Shirt Pants

I couldn't wait for Blake to take his morning nap so I could make him a pair of T-shirt pants. I saw the link here and I knew I had to try making those. Little does Andrew know, but I sacrificed one of his old t-shirts to make the pants. They are super easy and maybe I will get better at finishing the edges after making a few more. I think they may be too long, but I took a pair of 18 mos. shorts and guessed how long they should be (I didn't dare creep into Blake's room to get to his closet). I will post a picture of Blake in them once he wakes up. Super fun project.


Andrew said...

... But I loved that shirt with the design I can't remember on it!

Suz and Mark said...

Genius! We have so many old running shirts that I can now turn into pants :). Blake is adorable, loved the rocking chair video :).