Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're In

We did it! We now call Palo Alto our home city. So far, we are loving it and look forward to the day when we can relax instead of unpacking boxes. Blake moved like a champ and even napped in his Pack 'N Play while the movers moved us out of the old house. I promised Andrew we are here for a good, long time. The only way I would ever move again is if we bought a house in Santa Cruz (a girl can still dream big). Thanks again to my parents for helping us move out. My dad worked so hard and my mom watched Blake the whole time. Now onto the mini tour:

Our front porch:

If you follow the path to the left of our front porch then this is where you end up. The door leads into the kitchen:

Our backyard. We call the shed LuLu's big dog house because she loves the privacy and protection in there:

Looking the other way in our backyard (sliding glass door from the dining room):

I actually adore this kitchen:

The older stove. Blake can turn all the burners on so we are looking into knob covers:

The fridge:

Our family room with the front door:

More front door:

I am sure the furniture will change hundreds of times before I settle on the perfect arrangement. Once other rooms are straightened up I will post them too. Now onto unpacking more boxes.


Danika said...

HA! You already moved the couch around - that busts me up!

Suz and Mark said...

A very late congrats! The place is adorable.