Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Are Moving Again!

Once again, I am moving our family to a different city. This time we are going to be calling Palo Alto, CA our new home. I love moving because it gives me a chance to purge the things I know I didn't need in my life (a drastic motive I know). Unfortunately, I still own so much stuff. How does this happen? The majority of boxes in this picture are things that belong in our china hutch. I am obsessed with baking pans. I can't believe how much stuff I own relating to making baked goods. There is no excuse to ever buy a loaf of bread or bakery item ever again.

We moved our washer/dryer set to the edge of the garage to get ready for the movers. That meant we had to put back the washer/dryer set that came with the rental. Since they have been sitting so long the ignitor switch was out in the dryer. So here are Blake's clothes drying in the bathroom. Once again, why do I think my son needs this many clothes?

Our guest room, then office, then guest room again awaiting its new future.

This is what happens when Teenie's rope accidentely gets thrown on top of boxes.

David came up to deliver a bed and was nice enough to take the futon back with him for Jessica. Blake rode around on his shoulders and loved his new vantage point. He was smiling so don't let his serious look fool you.

Now, less blogging and more packing. The movers come tomorrow so wish us all a quick and painless move!

P.S. It broke my heart last night to pack my knitting projects away. I am having seperation anxiety.

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