Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Knitting Obsession

For over nine months now, I have been getting used to my "mama brain" and everyday I try and remember what it was like to have a clear thought. I have always loved knit projects, but I couldn't imagine my brain learning anything new so I resisted the urge to learn how to knit. Jessica (my S-I-L) was knitting a wristie and I couldn't help but look over her shoulder and see what she was doing. Oh my goodness, it is just like crocheting, but kind of different. Now I am addicted. Every day is spent hoping my child will nap longer so I can add on a few more rows. Crocheting is out the window for me (for now) and I am on to neater and more fun projects. The above project is a gift so I can't let on to what it will be.
This was the beginning of a baby alpaca scarf for my mom. I forgot to take a picture of the finished project, but I will post it when I am back at my mom and dad's house. Super fun.

I'm off to go knit some more.


too hot for the kitchen said...


Is it for me? It is looking good.


Shannon said...

Only if you are two feet tall!

laz said...

you should get your hands on some sustainable cat hair yarn