Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome Home Sweet Sugar

Three and a half weeks later and she is finally home! We overheated the van and blew the engine head. She runs better now and has more pick up, but there seems to still be an electrical issue regarding the temperature light/sensor.

We drove to Pacifica for a day at the beach today and man was I happy to have the luxury of hanging out on a comfy bed while Andrew surfed. The beach was packed full of people due to the Labor Day weekend and Andrew surfed on some of the biggest waves I have seen so far. It scared me, but only tired Andrew out since it was so hard to paddle out past the white water. He is building up that surfer stamina.

Tomorrow we will be at Manresa beach come morning and back at the house to BBQ with some friends (brave ones who aren't afraid of catching Blake's cold). Everyone is welcome, but Blake's cold is still lingering a bit.

I know Labor Day has some history behind it, but all I can think about are all the women around the world who will be going into labor on Labor Day. Go on strong sista's!


Lisa Zaniewski said...

This is how I imagine the set up to this photo was.

Shannon: Oh, the Eurovan is back! I must go hug it. Come on Andrew, let us go welcome our Eurovan back after its long vacation!
(hugging the Eurovan)
I will never let that happen to you again Eurovan.

Caroline said...

I'm so glad your Eurovan is back home! I hope you had a good weekend and that Blake is feeling better.

I'm going to start going to a new knitting group that is every Tuesday at Starbucks on El Camino and Lawrence. I think they meet at 6:30 until 9ish? I know they stay open really late....into the am hours. If you ever find yourself with a free Tuesday night and want to crochet/knit with me, let me know!