Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Jalama Vacation Under Our Belts!

We are back from our great Jalama summer camping trip. This was Blake's first trip, my second trip, and Andrew's umpteenth time to the grand beach just south of San Luis Obispo. The Eurovan did not get fixed in time so we drove down in the Prius. There were so many VW buses and vans we heavily mourned our white beast. Next year! We had a great time with family (Ellen, Walter, Sandy, Paul, Nick, Mia, Glen, Karen, Allen, Angie, Shirley, with guest appearances from Gloria and Michael) and ate great food. The T-Bone steaks almost did me in, but I chased it with a Jalama burger the next day to help my body out of red meat shock. It was windy as usual and it took some scrubbing to get the sand and tar off our bodies.

View from the road leading into Jalama. We had a beach front site.

Our camp. Ellen & David's RV on the left with Glen & Karen's on the right. Sandy and Paul slept in the tent on the left and Ellen slept in our yellow/gray tent on the right so we could sleep in the RV to shield Blake from the wind (much appreciated).

Here is Blake enjoying his first playground swing.

The campfires were chock full of singing, story telling, and jokes every night.

Blake suffered through daily foot dunks in the ocean which always resulted in alligator tears and loud screams, but a surfer has to start somewhere. Andrew surfed so much this vacation I thought his arms were going to turn into fins. I didn't get into my swimsuit once so hopefully I will get a chance next time once Blake is walking.

Thanks family for a great time at the beach. We look forward to years to come.

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