Monday, February 20, 2006

Aden turned 3!

My little buddy turned three on January 25th. I also celebrated my two year anniversary working for Aden's family. I have never been as happy at a job as I am with Aden and Kyle's family. Kyle is seven months now and wears 12 mos. clothing. He is in the 100% for height. Here are some party pictures:



One of Nanny's gifts:

Kyle and his mommy:


Aden's parent's rented a 101 Dalmations bouncy house:

Aden has such a developed vocabulary so I always treat him as if he is 14, but then moments like this happen to remind me he is a sweet, young boy. While everyone was partying, Aden remained in his birthday seat sipping every last milk bubble from the bottom of the glass. He was so lost in the moment:

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

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