Sunday, May 22, 2005

Let There Be Labyrinth


Our backyard labyrinth has been born. Andrew and I filled in our gravel pit with lots of topsoil to prepare the ground for the labyrinth. After lots of raking and leveling we were able to create the outline. We will be filling in the path with brick and then filling the spaces with lava rock. The four corners will be mini gardens with different themes. The top, left corner is home to our lemon tree and four new day lillies. The bottom, left corner only has lavender, but will soon have other plants. The other two corners will house fountain grasses and maybe some tropicals?

We LOVE our house and absolutely love doing all of the improvements together. I think the neighbors are sick of our "newlywed" way of working in the backyard. Our neighbor actually came out of the house to tell us to take a break. Here are some pictures of the rest of the yard:

The left side of the labyrinth.

My new plum, orange, white, and pink day lillies. The lemon tree is hiding behind them.

The right side of the yard all finished. The tree is in, the shrubs are planted and have mulch, and Andrew is BBQ'ing. I don't know if I mentioned that I planted two cannas at the end of the shrubs near the garden and other side walkway.


Anonymous said...

The yard looks amazing, bravo you two!

Anonymous said...

Wow, - you have great ideas! It's looking terrific.