Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What a Weekend!

This last weekend, my Grandparents came down from Sacramento to see our house for the first time. We really enjoyed showing them around town, eating at my favorite restaurant, and choosing plants for our front/back yards. We can't wait to see them again. Here are some pictures:

Showing them the backyard.

Nana shows me the ropes for using Sunset books.

We had to do our research online to check Contra Costa's Tree Planting Guide.

On Sunday, Andrew and I had our hands full with projects around the yard.

Andrew fixed the sprinklers that were leaking.


We then built a fence to keep Teenie out of the garden since she dug up the whole thing the day after we built the boxes. It looks a little ratty, but I promise we will paint it and make it look nice with climbing flowers. I wanted to paint "keep out" on it since it looks like a kid's clubhouse. Andrew and I like it because we built the gate for our second rental house in Livermore and it has lots of personality.

Here is my new lemon tree. It is a Eureka lemon tree. I found out that Meyer lemon trees are hybrids and they are a cross between lemons and some other type of citrus like an orange. If this is false, please let me know, but I am sticking with my "pure" lemon tree!

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Anonymous said...

The gate looks great and you HAVE to put a Keep out sign up