Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Salt Water & Cream Cheese

I sometimes buy those variety boxes of crackers.  I eat the darker, sweeter crackers first.  Then come the buttery ones.  Left behind are the salt water crackers.  They sit on my shelf for months before I toss them into the compost bin without even giving them a chance.  My kids were finishing their mini bagel and cream cheese snack when my shoulders drooped a the empty bag of bagels.  There weren't any left for mom and I really wanted to eat cream cheese.  I looked in the pantry for a substitute bagel and caught glimpse of that lone bag of crackers. 

New Year's Favorite New Snack, 2015

Old bag of salt water crackers
Cream Cheese
-smear cream cheese on crackers & drink your fifth glass of iced tea for the day

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