Thursday, January 22, 2015


It hit me yesterday, that blogs are dead.  What am I supposed to do?  I have my whole family history on this blog and I am not sure I want to share it daily with everyone on Facebook.  I don't Twitter or Instagram so I am going to wait.  I am going to wait until something comes along that revives the blog and has magical coding fairies to take all of my past posts and carry them to the new platform unscathed.  

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Jes said...

psha, this article is from 2013, and I don't remember any article in 2014 that said "don't blog anymore." Quite the contrary. I think their point was that many larger companies are moving to shortform stuff in order to get web traffic, and that isn't what you are doing. ;)

Plus, there are always the people out there that don't use facebook or whatnot that want to go to someplace for longerform content. ;)

So keep blogging Shannon, we will all keep reading. :)