Sunday, December 7, 2014

G Party

Google's Holiday Party was at the Pacific Science Center with the theme of Mad Men.  I loved the idea and was a bit bummed that there wasn't any real theme to the party other than "you are in a science museum."  I am not complaining and am thankful for the drinks, food, and people.  I was chatting with Andrew's co-workers and I heard, "Shannon."  I turned around, screamed very loudly, and was the happiest person to see Reade's past preschool teacher standing next to me.  She was a +1 with a SF Googler and I was so lucky to have great company for the last hour or so of the party.  I love myself Ms. Tehut.  Reade loved seeing the picture this morning.

I just want props for finding this dress at the thrift store the night before for $9.99.  I went back to the thrift store for the $2.99 brooch and the $2.99 necklace I wrapped around my wrist to call a bracelet.  I really wanted a skinny, gold watch, but they didn't have any.  I did the 60's bouffant with tons of hairspray, but I think it just looked like a rats nest.  I was a combination of Elvira and Amy Winehouse (RIP).

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