Saturday, December 13, 2014

Family Bikers

We are now Seattle Family bikers.  That means I take Reade back and forth from preschool via bike.  That means I am now going to sign us up for a bagillion group family biking activities.  That means I am encouraging Andrew to park his fancy, carbon road bike in the garage and get a beater road bike that can support attaching a tandem bike for Blake so they can bike together to his school a few neighborhoods over.  My poor spin bike is so lonely now.

We had our first Saturday family bike ride to get lunch at a local pizza and pasta shop:

I want all my kids to wear these all day, every day:

Piper and I stopped and got groceries at the cutest little market close to Reade's preschool.  $100 for a banana?  I don't care, I am family biking, yay!

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