Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Reade's Montessori school sent out a link to the Montessori catalog they use so we can join together to buy supplies if we would like.  That is dangerous for me.

Yes, I need a pouring pitcher for the kids so I can set up a little table to combat all those "Mom, I'm thirsty" whines:

Reade has been rolling up all of our blankets in the house to "prepare" for when kids come over and want to play.  Montessori has them take work out and then do their activity on little rugs.  It contains the mess, as well as gives the kid a visual of what they need to clean up when they are done.  The catalog is out of them, but I am sure I can find some cheap ones at Ikea or another store:

I haven't seen this before.  What a fantastic idea.  I can't wait to start gathering little things from around the house (and garage sales) to make phonetic boxes for the kids.  What a fun activity to pack along when I make my kids sit at another Seahawks game at a bar&grill.  Just think of the themes I can make: Halloween, icky gross stuff,  colors, speech words for Blake, etc.:

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