Monday, October 27, 2014


My mother's 15 1/2 year old chihuahua has made her way to dog heaven after having a cancerous "thing" on her foot.  We all miss that Snickey-Doodle and her memories will always make us laugh or smile.  Our saying of "Crouching Snickers, hidden dookie" will also live on.


We needed to find another chihuahua to fill that lonely place in my mom's heart and to help it grow in ways she didn't know possible (not interfering with the grandkids' section).

Meet Cricket Apricot Pad-of-Butter Burton (I added the middle name):

She is a sassy thing with a sweet disposition.  She was living in a doggie rescue home in Tracy, CA and now calls Sacramento her forever home.  I hope she is a good companion for my parents.  So far she eats newspaper, tissues, and drank my father's coffee out of his cup.  She will keep them on their toes!


Hurstmom's Blog said...

ahhhh, she looks so very happy...both of them. I am glad Olive has a soon to play with playmate!!

Unknown said...

She's a cutie!