Friday, September 5, 2014


Oh, those Seahawks.  I didn't have time to rush to Comcast to get a cable box so I could watch the game at home so I packed Reade and Piper into the minivan (with my Seahawks flags back in action) and headed to a bar & grill to watch the game.  There wasn't any room in the place so I had to sit on a bench holding a sleeping Reade while craning my neck to watch the game on the bar TVs.  Piper was a great 12th man because I shoved a chocolate milkshake in her hands and told her it would be a while.  Sure enough, some "not die hard fans" left after the first quarter so a table opened up.

My husband had no clue where I was on his drive home from work so I told him to hurry his little Porsche over to see some of the game.  He got there in the second quarter and joined in on the cheering.  The kids watched TV on our phones and we made it through the whole game.
I love the two high fiving in the left back.

That game was great and this picture from the front page of the paper says it all.  Lynch just plowed through people and made me happy.  Who cares if he doesn't show up in preseason!  He's a beast!
Seattle Times

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