Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Admirations

For some reason my eyes have been searching branches high and low as I drive through town.  Maybe I will be the one to see the first peek of pink on a tree branch.  I never thought I would be a Spring spy.  I love the winter and I wonder if it is natural for an animal to search for spring in hopes of more food.  It isn't like I need more food!  So here are some things I found that are adorable and yummy, just in time for spring.

$17 sheep candle holder & a discontinued giraffe cake stand.  
If I get teased, you get teased.
Shop here.

Love at first sight.  A $25 contraption for making breakfast sandwiches.  
I told a friend that I am going to wait until I find $25 on the sidewalk before buying this.  
Who can rationalize a purchase like this?
Shop here.

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