Friday, February 21, 2014

Museum Friday

This week has gone by so fast.  Blake has been enjoying a week off of school (mid-winter break/ski week), but I think I have enjoyed having him around the most.  I feared the Seattle Center would be horrible to navigate being a Friday.  Instead, it was easy to park and not that busy.  We had a great time and all three kids listened really well.

My Three Bears:

A section of the museum has little villages showing how the cities look.  The kids enjoyed being in Japan for a while:

That museum was fabulous and I recommend any and all parents take their kids there.  I loved the theater they have for kids and the mini rooms made to look like: paint store/work shop, restaurants, vet's office, different villages/cultures, and mini grocery store.  They did a great job putting that place together.

The walk to and from the parking garage made the kids just as happy:

Chihuly flowers:

A news helicopter flew in and landed on top of the KOMO 4 building across the street:

Aloof artists (besides the blonde in the front):

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