Friday, December 13, 2013

More Shaky Videos

Blake has something at school called "Writer's Workshop" where they have a picture rectangle with a few lines beneath it so they can create stories a few times a week.  They have about 20 minutes to complete as many as they would like.  Sometimes they have an adult help them spell out their sentences and sometimes they do it on their own.  Each child got to pick their favorite story and then "edit" it by adding more detail or more words.  The teacher invited the parents in for the authors to read it aloud themselves.  It took so much courage for those kids and they all did a fantastic job.  I was so mad at myself for forgetting my camera so I had to use my lame cell phone to capture the moment.  

By the way, this town is so passionate about the Seahawks football team because they have been doing so well this year.  Blake is definitely picking up on this and is becoming quite the fan.

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