Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Beginnings

Holiday decorations were definitely in their beginning stages this year.  I didn't have the energy to get everything done, but I know that things will progress in the years to come.  I am going to document the beginning so I can look back and smile at our first Christmas in this house.

I love my eBay Santa:

This ceiling window is perfect for my wooden trees:

I had envisioned an earthy fabric wrap beneath my white Christmas tree:

I just love my yellow entry rug.  I also spray painted three, black twig coat racks (my sister saw some similar ones in a local shop and gave me the idea - so I went onto Amazon.com and got them half priced) white for guest coats.  I love our lit up Rudolph on our porch, but Andrew calls him Christmas crap.  We need to make him a red nose:
P.S. Blake keeps printing out UW pictures and taping them to our windows.

Two out of three village houses remain.  The boys broke one last year.  The Santa is a preschool creation from yesteryear:

 And our tree.  I had high hopes of spray painting some white feathers silver.  I was going to gather three feathers (some white, some silver) and arrange them in mini bundles all throughout the tree.  I've got the spray paint, feathers, and 365+ days to get them done before next year!:

It is cozy enough and now it is time to forget about decorating and get busy baking.

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