Thursday, June 13, 2013


My littlest is 1 year old today.  She just walked into my favorite window of child development.  Literally, she walked just yesterday for the first time.  I love this sweet juice.  I love that she has no words yet (just like her brother).  I love that she is sharp (just like her other brother).  I love that she looks just like her daddy (and brother and aunties).  I love that she: climbs everything, screeches like a girl, hugs dollies, makes girl sounds, asks to be put to sleep at night, and gets a mouthful of teeth all at once (unlike anyone else in the family).  She is her own Piper Hallie Kay and I love her oh so much for that.  I put her to bed and she smelled just like cake.  I will gobble up all her yumminess and 
dough-y-ness for the rest of her life.

                                We climbed to the top of the Space Needle for her birthday adventure.

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Big Girl!