Saturday, May 25, 2013


 Things that happened today (in order):

* Piled all kids in car and drove 15 minutes to Office Depot to return a clock
* Everyone got out to assist with my return
* Put my head down when I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home
* Put everyone back into minivan
* Drove home
* Came home to find out I had left the front door wide open
* Wondered if I had lost my mind
* Drove back to Office Depot
* Returned stupid clock
* Stopped by a new donut shop
* Went to Lowe's to buy (wood stain, brackets, and garden soil)
* Drove home and two of my three kids fell asleep

*Planted some plants I  had been dying to plant (peonies!!!)
* Started digging up bushes I didn't like 

* Put disliked bushes on craigslist and got rid of them in 45 minutes

*Gave two kids baths because one had an accident and the baby had jelly donut in her hair 
(one donut hole - I swear the kids get rationed even when I don't)
*Made my kids all get back into the minivan to head to a local nursery to fill empty holes in my garden

*Kids & mommy were hungry so we stopped at Ivars for some fish & chips and chicken strips.

* Stopped by a veggie/fruit stand that has excellent reviews on Yelp. 
(wasn't too impressed with it)

*Brushed teeth, nursed baby, put jammies on, read a story, sighed with relief when I walked downstairs
* Relaxed while looking at contemporary landscaping porn on Google Images
* Rigged up a system to keep the water dispenser from tipping over in the chicken box
* Fretted because that may just strangle a chicken overnight
* Stained wood project
* Wrote blog post



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too hot for the kitchen said...

bet you can't wait till they go to school. at least then you will have Monday to recover.