Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Other bloggers have such great ideas. Why not steal them and call them my own? One woman does little videos where she asks her daughter simple questions. My trial run does not have an adorable background, nor are my children in adorable outfits. Maybe next time around I will get those things in line too. Note to self: Do these on different days so the little one doesn't just copy what the older one





P.S. I fully am aware there is a Prime Minister in Canada.  I have no clue why Canada was the first thing out of my mouth.


Steph said...

Shannon, this is adorable. I love it! I especially like their answers to who the president is :)

Steph said...

Just showed this to Patrick. We love their answers to what daddy does at work, and that Reade wants to be a zombie :) These interviews are really a great idea!