Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It is just one of those mornings: go to the gym, come home to find husband cleaning poop off the bathroom floor and walls, jump in shower, say goodbye to husband as he runs away to work, thoroughly clean bathroom from top to bottom, realize I haven't eaten anything and it is 10am, eat breakfast at the computer, thank Facebook for some entertainment:

Buy This Here

I am bummed because I wanted to take the kids to the Ames Research Center for some NASA education to go with our space themed week, but I think all three of my kids are sick.  I guess my new goal is to clean my own bathroom, since the cleaning supplies are out, and take the kids for a bike ride/walk.


Skyla said...

Wait, please tell me I told you about this!!!! My brother showed it to me on a site called "thisiswhyimbroke" I can't stop laughing, let's make them for you please!!!!!

Shannon said...

I saw it on another person's Facebook feed. Funny huh.