Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My boys now share a room. It is now the boys' room with two, twin beds (I can't wait for bunk beds someday). It was really hard for me to remove the owl/gnome/mushroom tree picture from above the crib since both boys have shared the same nighttime routine story, but I have plans for baby #3.

Last night Reade slept the whole night through without freaking out in his new surroundings:

I am pretty sure Transformers sheets mess with a bedroom's Feng Shui, but the child really, really wanted them:

The crib looks so empty now that I have stripped it of its sheets. Andrew reminded me that it will be very full very soon:

Blake asked who was going to sleep in this room now. I asked who he would like to share it with and he replied, "Another Reade."

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