Friday, April 13, 2012


Happy fun Friday to all. Here are two, great discoveries...

1) Triple a recipe for muffins and you will have enough batter left over to pour into ramekins for some mega muffins. I am going to demand coffee shops serve me muffins out of ramekins from now on:

Recipe from the smitten kitchen blog.

2)Drinking wine during a morning play date with other mommies and kids. Why have I never done this before. My past neighbor told me it is good to drink wine during pregnancy because it creates beautiful skin for the baby. Now that is the type of lore I can totally get behind. This wine was bought at Trader Joe's and tastes just like grape juice. Very mild without much bite. I hope they stock it at my Trader Joe's:

Tonight I will pack Reade up for a early birthday celebration trip to Sacramento so he can spend time with his kindred birthday partner, my Nana. Let the festivities begin.

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