Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Breakdown of the first day of school:

1) Blake had fallen asleep in the car on our way home from the grocery store so I left him in the car while I packed his stuff and changed his brother. Once en route to school, I looked back to check on Blake and realized he was wearing flip-flops so I had to turn around and get his light-up Spiderman shoes.

2) We finally arrive at school and Blake plays independently and is super happy.

3) The first mom I am talking with gets stung by some flying insect. The teacher takes her by the hand and leads her inside to get an ice pack. I was left there standing by myself and had to do that awkward half turn thing and start talking to a new mom.

4) Kids explore the classroom and Blake shows me all the cool things like: the giant bullfrog, the turtle, and the new books.

5) Time for parent circle while the kids go outside to eat a snack. Different, crazy parental personalities come out during the question and answer segment (the crying mom, the too-loud Nanny, the one who asks everything including why the sky is blue, etc.).

6) Kids come back in and Blake is the only child with artwork. I am a proud parent thinking Blake asked for crayons and paper and is the lead self-starter in the group. Come to find out, my kid was crying the whole time I was in parent circle time and the teacher's assistant had to keep telling him to draw lines so he wouldn't completely melt down. Hmm, not what I was envisioning!

7) Blake has fun riding cars/bikes/scooters around and then eats it on the pavement. That ended our first day at school.

Blake's thoughts on our way home: "Mommy, why is daddy home with a headache? (starts to cry) I don't want him to feel bad. I don't want you to separate with me and me be alone at school on Thursday. I want to go back to our old home. I don't like our new house. I just want to go home."

Oh, and I took pics:

P.S. Andrew came down with the flu and spent the wee hours bent over the toilet! Can't wait for Thursday.

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