Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome Taliesin Sparrow Racecar Rose Hosein

With permission from her proud mama, I am pleased to introduce Taliesin Sparrow Racecar Rose Hosein. She was born June 17th, at 2:34am , weighing in at 6lbs., 7oz. It is fun that our two children are born on the 17th! I can't believe she is already a month old. She fits into their family so nicely and it seems like she has always been around (old soul with a new twist?): Megana's birth story in her own words: "Birth story: slept, water broke, slept, epidural, slept, woke to baby coming out, pushed, baby." "She was born at 2:34a.m. on her grandmother Korisha's birthday (as you know). Also, the nurse that helped in the delivery was from this small island called Dominica in the Caribbean, and when Jinnah's parents called to wish us congratulations, they were in Dominica, which we didn't know ahead of time. And the nurse's name was Florence, the name of Jinnah's other grandmother. Sparrow is after Trinidadian singer The Mighty Sparrow, btw. Trinidad is where Jinnah's father Everold is from." Just born: So 2010: At home in mama's arms: Proud, happy siblings: Two bunches of love:

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