Friday, July 16, 2010

Nesting Fun

Combing craigslist for a used T-ball stand can be dangerous. I should save money and buy one new at Toys 'R Us because I keep seeing other things on craigslist I just have to have! Today's craigslist adventure led us to a quirky house for some nesting dolls.

International friends:

Baseball teammates for Blake:

Now he can play with a team:

The leprechaun set was what caught my eye originally. I love all things leprechaun and I look forward to using these as decoys for next year's leprechaun trap:

I got all three sets for $11! The baseball bases were a dollar at the Dollar Tree.

The bottom of the nesting dolls say Oriental Trading so I hopped online to find they are only $6/per set. What a great deal. I fell in love with the Nativity Scene and might just have to buy that for Christmas. I love the nativity set my mother handed down to me, but Blake is just too rough with it so maybe this one will be a good learning set.

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Unknown said...

Shannon watch out because when you get 3 of something like that it's considered a collection. Now everyone will be adding to you collection which actually sounds like fun.